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What limits Alaska Airlines imposed on baggage weight?

What limits Alaska Airlines imposed on baggage weight

Alaska Airlines has a better baggage policy as compared to other Airlines. The standard bags should be included in your checked bags unless you need to pay baggage fees of $30 for the first bag and $ 40 for the second bag. The baggage charges also depend on the travel class and route. The baggage fees can be paid online or offline.

Some of the key points of the Baggage Policy are as under:

Vital guidelines under the Alaska Airlines Baggage policy areas under:

Carry-on baggage allowance:- 

  • You can carry a carry-on bag and ad a personal item for free.
  • The size of the standard carry-on bag does not exceed (55.88 x 35.56 x 22.86) cm. 
  • A personal item can be called a briefcase, laptop bag, and small purse.
  • There is no weight limit for carry-on baggage.
  • If the bag exceeds the size’s limit then it will be considered a checked bag and you will be charged $30 for the first bag.

Checked bags:-

  • The checked bag has a limit of 50lb/23kg in weight.
  • The dimensions should not increase by 158cm/62in (L + W + H).

Baggage charges:

Carry-on Bag (Free)Checked Bag (Paid)
Carry-on BagPersonal ItemFirst BagSecond BagAdditional Bags
1, free1, freeUSD 30USD 40USD 100 each
Max. Size: 55.88 x 35.56 x 22.86cm
(22 x 14 x 9in, i.e., 45 linear inches
Max Weight: 50lb/23kg
Max. Size: 158cm/62in (L + W + H)

Certain baggage charges are exempt for some passengers, the detail is as under:

Fee waived for 1st checked bag:

  • Club 49 members
  • Oneworld Sapphire members
  • Passengers traveling in First Class
  • MVP and MVP Gold Mileage Plan members

Fee waived for 1st, 2nd and 3rd checked bag:

  • MVP Gold 75K Mileage Plan members
  • For Passengers having tickets within Alaska state.
  • Oneworld Emeralds members.

Overweight or Oversized Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees

If your checked bags exceed the limit of the weight i.e. 50 Pounds or 23 kilos. Pay the fees for that excess weight. The description for baggage fees is as under:

  • If weight is above 51-100 pounds or 24-46 kilos then pay $100 per bag.
  • Luggage having more than 46 kilos or 100 pounds weight, is not included in the checked baggage category.
  • If the dimensions of the checked bag vary between 63 to 115 linear inches then one has to pay $100 per bag.
  • Bags or luggage exceeding 115 linear inches, cannot be considered checked baggage.

Approved carry-on Baggage

Some of the items that are approved by Alaska Airlines are listed below:

  • Handbag
  • Coat
  • Jacket
  • Hearing aids
  • Backpack
  • Makeup accessories
  • Screws
  • Safety pins
  • Crutches
  • Small briefcase
  • Walking stick
  • Wheelchair
  • Infant food
  • Binoculars
  • Laptops
  • Chargers
  • Infant stroller
  • Baby basket
  • Diaper bag
  • Camera
  • Books
  • Bobby pins
  • Hooks
  • Blanket
What limits Alaska Airlines imposed on baggage weight?

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