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Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy

Online process of changing flight on Alaska Airlines:

One should have a passenger’s name, confirmation code, or e-ticket for changing the details of their Alaska Airlines flight online. Make sure that before the flight leaves the airport or before the original schedule of the flight one has to change details according to the no-show policy of Alaska airlines otherwise the changes will not be accepted by Alaska Airlines.

Am I eligible to change my Alaska reservation online ?

The below-mentioned points will help you if you are unsure about the eligibility criteria for changing your Alaska Airlines reservations online. Also if you don’t fit into any one of these mentioned points then you can directly call the Alaska airlines reservation team and they will help you for making changes. 

What are the eligibility criteria for changing online flight details?

  • One can change the flight details online if that one is traveling alone within Canada, Mexico, and the United States.
  • Your paid ticket must not have more than 8 air segments.
  • Your paid ticket doesn’t involve any saver fare or government fare.
  •, Alaska airlines reservations call center, or an Alaska ticket counter, among them you should have issued your purchased reservation in one of them.
  • Your paid ticket should have less than equal to 6 passengers in reserve.
  • Your paid ticket must be under 13 months from the day you bought the ticket.
  • Purchased reservations should not be a part of the vacation.

Flight change process via the website:

  1. The first required step is to visit the Alaska Airlines website for online flight changes.
  2. There you’ll find a section named manage reservation and then click on it.
  3. You have to enter information such as booking number and last name.
  4. After fulfilling the details, you’ll find a ‘manage booking’ tab, just click on it.
  5. After this, you need to check and confirm your eligibility for this flight change process.
  6. Once you are eligible you can make online flight changes through the given on-screen instructions on the website.

Process of changing tour in Alaska Airlines:

  1. Open a web browser and then search for the Alaska Airlines website on it.
  2. After opening the website use your provided login information for login the website.
  3. Enter your reservation booking I’d in the tab namely manage my reservation.
  4. You should have a confirmed booked flight on Alaska Airlines.
  5. You can make changes to your details.
  6. After this, confirm the changes you made on the Alaska Airlines flight and then save the changes.
  7. At last, you’ll get a message of new changes on your registered mobile number.

Check flight status online for Alaska Airlines:

  • One can check their flight status online from their laptop as well as from their phone.
  • You have to follow a few steps for checking your flight status online.
  • Open the Alaska Airlines website from your phone or laptop.
  • After this enter your booking ID and last name.
  • Now you can search and get an idea about your flight status online.

Changing flights within the one-day policy on Alaska Airlines:

In this policy you have to make changes within a  day after booking the ticket and Alaska Airlines will make the required changes for free there is no change fee required if you make changes within one day hence this period is known as a risk-free cancellation period. Also if you cancel your flight within 24 hours in Alaska Airlines then your full paid amount for the ticket will be refunded by them.

Changing flights on Alaska Airlines on the Same-Day

If you want to make changes to your Alaska Airlines flight then there are two important pieces of information that you should have: the last name of the passenger and the booking reference number.

  • You have to pay 50 dollars for making same-day changes on an Alaska Airlines flight. However, the amount may increase or decrease depending on the availability of the seats on the flight.
  • Your previous and new flights must be departing at the same time only then the same-day changes on Alaska Airlines flights are applicable.
  • For confirming the same-day flight changes the passenger can contact the Alaska airlines reservations team or Alaska airlines care representative.

What is the change fee for changing the flight on the same day?

If you’re traveling in the same country then you have to pay  25 dollars for changing the flight on the same day and if you’re traveling from one country to another then you have to pay 50 dollars for changing the flight.

Same-Day Flight Changes Policy:

If you meet the following conditions then you are eligible for the changes in flight on the same-day policy of Alaska Airlines.

  •  Passengers must book flights on Alaska Airlines. 
  • If you have switched your terminals, you cannot apply for flight changes.
  • If you cannot meet the above condition then also you can make flight changes via normal flight.

About Change Fee for Alaska Airlines in brief:

As we have discussed earlier, Alaska Airlines charges 25 dollars for domestic travel and 50 dollars for international travel as a change fee for Alaska Airlines. But now Alaska Airlines has decided not to take any change fees for Alaska Airlines so that they can stand in the competition with other airlines. Also after the COVID pandemic, all the airlines in the USA decided to eliminate the change fees for passengers so that air travel becomes cheaper for passengers. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Do I have to pay any change fee for booking a flight on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines has eliminated the change fee for booking a flight because of the COVID pandemic. But if the new flight has a higher price compared to that of the original flight then the passenger has to pay an extra amount for the new flight.

Can I switch to a new flight that is earlier than the originally booked flight?

Yes, a passenger can switch to a new flight that is earlier than the scheduled flight but the date of both the flights, the new flight as well the scheduled flight must be the same. You have to book the confirmed ticket from the Alaska Airlines website only then you are eligible for the switching flight process.

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