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How to use Alaska airlines credit?

How to use Alaska airlines credit?

What are credit certificates?

The credit certificate means the amount you received while changing a non-refundable or canceling an Alaska Airlines ticket. One can use this credit for future travel.  These credit certificates are valid up to 1 year from the issuance of the ticket or up to 30 days from cancellation or change of the ticket, whichever is greater.

Receiving a credit certificate

The certificates will be delivered to you by the E-mail “”. The message received by this respective mail will have a PIN and certificate code. These both are required to view your credit balance. If the credit certificate was issued on or before 02/11/2021 then you will get the PIN and certificate code from different emails. One should save the E-mail to review or check the credit certificates record. Alaska airlines credit

Finding your credit certificate

To find the credit certificate, consider the steps mentioned below:

Note: One can also search for the credit certificate or PIN by entering the subject in the search field, the subject can be “Your Alaska Airlines credit certificate” or if the credit certificates were generated on or before 02/11/2021 then it can be “Your PIN has arrived”.

How to use a credit certificate?

The steps to use a credit certificate are mentioned below:

  • Initially, open the browser.
  • Go to the official site. Alaska Airlines (Credit certificates cannot be accessed on the app or mobile site)
  • Just try to book another flight.
  • After booking, go for the payment process.
  • Now, select the option “Use Certificates or gift cards” below the section “Wallet and Certificates”.
  • Just add the “Certificate code” and “Pin”.

Note: In case you want to use more than 4 credit certificates then deposit the certificates into the wallet first then use it.

How to use Alaska airlines credit?

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