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How to Change Name and Date in Alaska Airlines?

How to Change Name and Date in Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is an esteemed airline offering facility to change the name and date of the passenger and flight respectively.

How can I change the name of the passenger?

There are 3 ways available to change the passenger’s name, steps are listed below:

  • Phone Calling:
    • One can use the calling feature to do corrections in the passenger’s name, just call on the number 000 800 100 1051.
  • Offline at Airport Kiosk:
    • Travelers can move to the airport and contact Alaska Airlines executives. One needs to provide the details as required by them and proceed with the final correction.
  • Online:
    • Access your account using the official site of Alaska Airlines.Go to the option “Manage Booking”.Provide the passenger’s name in the respective box along with the confirmation code.Consider the flight which you want to change.Click on it.Now choose the option “Flight Change”.Select the flight.Go for the changes finally.Look forward to payment or refund.
    • Get a confirmation message.

Note: The easiest among the above methods is the Online method, to become eligible for the online process one must qualify for the following conditions:

  • The book is directly purchased from Alaska Airlines.
  • The number of guests does not exceed more than 7 members.
  • The booked tickets do not consist of a larger group.
  • The booked tickets do not include more than 8 flight segments.
  • The reservation made does not contains several special requests like pet accommodations.
  • No check-in was made for any flight.
  • The booked reservation does not consist of any ticket of the Mileage Plan Award.

How can I change the date of the Alaska Airlines flight? 

There are 3 ways available to change the date of the flight, all three methods with their steps are mentioned below:

  • Phone Calling :
    • Our customer support team can help you to change the dates of your concerned flight. So don’t hesitate, call us.
  • Offline at Airport Kiosk:
    • The same is here but physically, just contact the executives at the Alaska Airline’s kiosk. Tell your problem for changing the dates and get the available flights on the desired dates and pay for the final selection accordingly.Alaska Airlines charge to change flight
  • Online:
    • Use any browser.
    • Login.Access your account.
    • Go to the option “Manage Booking”.
    • Enter the name of the concerned passenger along with the flight’s confirmation code.
    • Select the file that the traveler wants to change.
    • Select the icon “Flight Change”.Select the new flight.
    • Finalize all the changes.Go for a refund or more payment.
    • Get a confirmation message after a successful flight change.


After going through this article, one will be able to change the date of the flight and the name of the passenger. In case, you are not able to do so then call the customer support team for assistance.

How to Change Name and Date in Alaska Airlines?

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