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Alaska airlines flight change policy in 2022

Alaska airlines flight change policy

Alaska Airlines has a simple and convenient flight change policy. In this blog, you will be fully considerate of the flight change policy. You will also see a clear picture of the steps for changing the flight. If you are not able to change your flight by yourself then call our customer representatives and get your flight changed.

Flight change policy for Alaska airlines

If you want to change a flight with no change fees then change the flight within 24 hours of its booking. The steps to change the flight are listed below:

  • Open the browser.
  • Visit the Alaska Airlines official website
  • Login to your account using credentials.
  • Have your dashboard.
  • Click on the icon “My Trip.
  • Select the option “Change my booking”.
  • Find the flights on the newly desired dates.
  • Choose the flight.
  • Confirm the new journey.
  • You will get a refund if the new fare is less or if vice versa then pay the excess amount.
  • Get a confirmation message and got your flight changed.

Note: There are two more ways to change your flight, one can also choose one of them for his/her convenience. The ways are listed below:

  • Alaska Airline’s Kiosk
  • Calling an Exective of Alaksa Airline


Question 1: Can I modify the date of flight to another date?

Answer: Yes, one can modify the date of the flight by considering the best and most accurate steps. If you are not able to do so then you can contact the customer support team.

Question 2: What fees are applicable to perform a flight change date?

Answer: The flight change fee is ranging between $25-$50 for the flights departing on the same day of change. It is very easy to change the flight, just consider the accurate steps and follow them carefully.

Question 3: How can I change my flight without paying a fee?

Answer: One can change a flight despite paying a change fee by changing a flight within 24 hours of booking. No fees are applicable when a change is made to the concerned flight booked within 24 hours.

Question 4: What is the cancellation policy of Alaska Airlines?

Answer: To get a full refund during flight cancellation, one should cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking. Also, a cancellation fee will be charged when your booking date is more than 7 days before departure.

Question 5: What is the actual process to change an Alaska airline flight?

Answer: The process to change a booked Alaska Airline is as under:

  • Open the installed browser.
  • Go to the main website of Alaska Airlines.
  • Use login credentials to access your account.
  • On the screen, get your dashboard.
  • Go to the section “My Trip.
  • Choose the icon “Change my booking”.
  • Get the flights on the desired date from the list.
  • Select the new flight.
  • Confirm the changes.
  • You need to pay the fare difference or if the new fare is less then you will receive a refund.
  • You will receive a confirmation message which reflects the successful flight change status.
Alaska airlines flight change policy in 2022

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